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Are you passionate about education? Have you always wanted to learn more about Vietnam? Wondering how you can help?

Many of our supporters reach out to us wondering how they can help or engage. If you are unable to attend our annual work camp or social fundraising events we kindly suggest coming up with a way to raise funds for Sunflower Mission. We have many supporters around the world that come up with great fundraising ideas that integrate their interests and hobbies, such as:

  • Car Wash
  • Bake Sale
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Fun Walk
  • Chess Tournament
  • Donating funds received for professional work or hobbies
  • Coffee Night

The possibilities are endless. Our individual fundraisers have been featured in our annual report and we hope to continue this tradition on our website!

If you have more questions please visit our FAQ page. If you have a fundraising idea you want to share feel free to email us:email

Are you a student (12th grade and younger) and want to get involved with supporters your age? Learn more about our SEEDS!

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Last but not least, you can always reach us via snail-mail (standard mail). We love receiving letters!

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