Every Cent is Important

We love all of our supporters! We also love their efforts in fundraising for us and we can never emphasize this enough—every cent counts. Here are words from high school student, Liliane Pham, on why she fundraises for the children of Vietnam. Thank you, Liliane, for sharing your story!

 “I have always wanted to help people in any way that I could. I understood that small steps could lead to big changes. When I first heard about Sunflower Mission, I was curious and concerned with how life actually was in Vietnam. I remember my grandparents not having the opportunity to learn as they only had paper and drops of ink to use.

Knowing many kids were facing adversity and gaining no educational opportunities, I was struck with countless questions: Will these kids ever get the chance to learn? What will the future in this world be like without the beauty of education? I felt empathy for these precious children—children who want to learn and gain a mind full of powerful knowledge.

I knew I wanted to help. I had a piggy bank in my room that I did not use. I decided to put the bank in front of one of my classrooms with a little flyer about Sunflower Mission. As each day passed, the bank filled more and more.

My world history teacher cared about children, across the globe. My math teacher is from Vietnam and faced numerous obstacles when she lived there. They told me what they knew about Vietnam’s conditions and decided to donate a generous amount of money. I was happy with how supportive my peers and teachers were. I appreciated all the donations, big or small, I was able to collect, knowing that these funds were somehow going to put a smile on children’s faces.

Thank you Sunflower Mission for giving me the opportunity to help paint a brighter picture for the country of my heritage. I will continue to raise money for these children—to pursue their dreams and goals, and to brighten their future.” – Liliane Pham