Hygiene & Health Education Initiative

There are so many factors that go into making a student successful — inside and outside of the classroom. We are excited to be expanding our programs to include health and hygiene! The Hygiene & Health Education Initiative (HHEI) was launched in the fall of 2016. This new program is aimed at teaching students the basics of hand-washing, cleanliness, and health.

Sunflower Mission is facilitating the adaptation of these behaviors by ensuring from here and in the future that our on-site restroom facilities include sinks, soap, and linens for drying hands. Another part of this program is to encourage students to help maintain a clean classroom and personal desk area. A monthly competition has been implemented to recognize the team of students that are able to keep their classrooms, schools, and hands the cleanest. It is a fun way to foster team work and to incentivize these healthy habits.

It is our hope that with the integration of these personal tools students are less likely to miss class because of illness and be mores successful! Encouraging students to take ownership in their school facilities will help with the lifespan of the classrooms as well.