Sunflower Mission currently supports three scholarship programs. In total we have awarded more than 15,800 scholarships to grade school and college/university students. 415 of our scholarship recipients have gone on to graduate from college with degrees in medicine, engineering, education and finance.

Sponsor a Student (SAS) Scholarship SAS is a program that serves to help connect donors directly with a college student in Vietnam. These students’ field of study vary and are selected based on need. These individuals are also required to maintain a grade point average that exceeds a standard “passing grade.” The cost to sponsor a student for 2016-2017 will be $400 USD per academic school year. A typical sponsor will do so for four years. If you would like to sponsor a student email us!.

Dao-Le Scholarship This scholarship program is awarded to students in grade 1-12 and has three award tiers based on a student’s current grade-level. Recipients show significant financial need and are required to attend a school which Sunflower Mission has constructed.

Engineering and Technology Scholarship For those college students, in Vietnam, studying within the STEM fields. Students are selected based on excellent technical competency in the chosen field and future civic leadership potential. The selection process requirements include an essay and face-to-face interviews conducted by a team of engineers. This scholarship is our most prestigious.

Now I want to get more information about other programs: School Building and Work Camp!