Sunflower Mission’s work camp is an opportunity for our supporters to see, hear, and experience all of our work, first-hand. The work camp group travels together in Vietnam. Individuals have the opportunity to assist with light construction, student mentoring, completion ceremonies, and many other engaging activities. In addition to structured group time, leisure and group-building activities are scheduled.

Since our founding in 2002 we have held 10 successful work camps!

When can I sign-up for the Work Camp? We begin accepting applications for each work camp beginning in December or January before the work camp. Sign up for email newsletters, using the form on the left, to ensure you don’t miss this announcement.

What is the process like to attend Work Camp? Spots for the trip are on a first-come first-serve basis. Don’t miss out on your next opportunity to join us in Vietnam. Sign-up for our email newsletter (using the form on the left of your screen) to know when we start accepting applications. The announcement will include a link to the documents required of participants as well. We hold a work camp orientation so that participants get to know each other before their big adventure.

How much does it cost to attend Work Camp? To ensure Sunflower Mission maintains our low over-head we ask that participants pay for their own travel expenses. A typical budget is estimated at $2,500. This number includes a round-trip coach ticket to Saigon; all meals; all in-country transportation and lodging. This does NOT include personal purchases or other elective costs.

Who can go on a Work Camp? Our work camp groups have consisted of individuals age 10 – 90! Those participants under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian or parent travel with them through the entirety of the trip. Keep in mind the typical summer climate in Vietnam and your personal abilities.

How many people attend Work Camp? Our groups vary in size from 20-40 individuals. They join us in Vietnam from all over the world.

When is Work Camp held? We typically schedule it for the first few weeks in June. This allows students and families to travel with us!

How long does Work Camp last? Work camp typically lasts 16 days.

You can read about the 2014 Work Camp experience via our blog!

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